How To Get Your Pets In On The Fun At Halloween

by : Philsikes

People dress up like animals all the time for Halloween - why not go the opposite way and dress your pets up like people? After all, pets are part of the family for a lot of people. They take them everywhere, buy them gifts, get spa treatments for them - why not a Halloween costume too?

Now, it goes without saying that dressing your pet in a Halloween costume is more for the owner's enjoyment than the pet's. Having said that, you'll know your pet better than anyone.

If your pet gets stressed out easily or doesn't like wearing a costume, don't force the issue.

The best costumes for pets are the ones that don't make them feel too restricted or confined. You might be able to get away with something that goes on their head - a hat or crown perhaps - and something that ties (loosely) around their middle.

Anything more intricate than that probably isn't going to work and could well end up a shredded, torn mess if your pet decides they don't want to wear it.

The Internet is the best place to find Halloween pet costumes, although they are also available in many pet stores as the holiday approaches. Online costume sources often have pages devoted to just pet costumes, whose sizes are usually based off of weight.

Before putting your pet's new costume on them, be sure to look for any pieces that they might be able to get tied up in or swallow. Most costumes are made to be safe for pets, but you should always double check.

After all the hard work you will have done to find a costume and get it onto your pet, the most difficult part is sure to be getting the perfect picture. Though some pets will be good and sit quietly while you take a picture, for most it will require quite some effort to get your pet to calm down long enough for you to enjoy their costume.