Inter-Galactic Style Costumes for All Ages

by : Susanwest

May the Force be with You. Many individuals enjoy dressing up as Stars Wars characters since they first came onto the silver screen scene, such characters as, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Queen Amidala. On the other hand, perhaps Darth Vader or a storm trooper is more fitting to your Halloween costume needs. Child and adult Star Wars costumes are much the same, with the exception of their size in scale. This means that whether you are in search of a child Star Wars costume or an adults Star Wars costume you will be able to find the costume that best fits your needs. Everyone wants the force to be with them.

Adult Star Wars Costume Adult Star Wars costumes come in a vast array of choices, sometimes it can be difficult to choose just one. For instance, Chewbacca and the storm trooper costumes are a Halloween hit as well as many other interesting Star Wars characters. The awesome face makeup of Darth Maul is another popular adult Star Wars costume, especially with the men.

Child Star Wars Costume Children also have a lot of selection for their Star Wars costumes. Yoda is a popular look for small children, as are ewoks. Of course, the main characters always capture a child's imagination and Star Wars certainly offers a wealth of characters to intrigue a child. Quite often, when a child gets a costume, he or she does not confine wearing it only during Halloween. Quite often, it becomes a play outfit for dress up and fantasy play. You definitely get your money's worth there!

Wigs and Helmets Wigs and helmets are amazing Halloween props and they work quite well with transforming someone into princess Leia or Luke Skywalker with their distinctive hairdo or X wing helmet. Star Wars wigs and helmets help to create a more convincing Star Wars costume for adults as well as children.

Yoda Yoda is a much-admired Star Wars costume both for children and adults as Yoda is a very wise little fellow. Although the costume is typically a child Star Wars costume, you will find this costume available in adult sizes as well. Remember Yoda also requires his staff while dressing up as this Star Wars icon.

R2D2 and C3PO Who could forget the adorable robots, R2D2 and C3PO? These are very popular costumes for all ages, not only because they look great, but the characters themselves are so endearing. There are some adorable R2D2 costumes for little kids and toddlers that are just adorable.

Darth Vader Costume Darth Vader, the dark force in Star Wars, is a popular character, figure and costume. This is a popular adult Star Wars costume because of the menace and drama that it creates. However, kids love Vader too. He is impressive, intimidating and downright scary!

Halloween is a perfect time to get a little creative and just have fun! Children and adults alike love "Star Wars," and rightly so. With an intriguing story and dynamic characters it's a hard one to forget. Don't stress about a complicated Darth Vader costume. You can make your suit as involved as you want. All you really need is a cool light-saber. You are all set for Halloween night, oh and one more thing! Don't forget "the force." Edited by Glinda Zuladra