Is Cheap Life Insurance Really A Sensible Option

by : Darryl Scott

The term 'Cheap life insurance' is to some extent a difficult statement to define. The term can mean that they are the cheapest quotes in their category of cover, but that can mean that it is very expensive but the cheapest available option. Some articles claim that it is out there but that depends on what you consider is the best option. If one accepts the maxim that you get what you have paid for, does this mean that you are under insured. If that is the case then there may well be a problem in the case of the policy holders untimely demise.

However if you yourself are under-insured then chances are you may never know anything about it, because the problem will not surface as economic hardship until after you are dead. Which means that cheap life insurance can be defined as an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms!

These policies cover you against the loss of income during a specified term, which may be fifteen, twenty or thirty years. However when considering this type of cheap life insurance it is important to bear in mind that your fiscal responsibilities are not static over a life time. When you first get married your requirements may well be less than when you have three pre-school age children. However all quotes should be individual, you may consider that your wife or partner is young and fit and she can work in the event of your death. It is all a matter of risk if you die in an accident and she is disabled then the position changes. What began as a cheap life insurance suddenly becomes a nightmare for your surviving partner. Under normal circumstances your requirements increase when you have children, but even then they are not static requirements. A college fund for three children is more expensive than sending them to kindergarten.

Insurance, even life insurance is a commodity, and best value life insurance quotes are simply quotes that offer the best value for the term that you require offering the cover that you require. However research is the key to obtaining the best value life insurance and a financial advisor can be invaluable. The first part of the research is to decide what category of life insurance is best to suit your needs. Certain aspects of life insurance are blanket terms and most experts agree that the minimum term of life insurance should be until the youngest child is eighteen. All life insurance policies should be looked at with the needs of your individual child in mind. Some children will be in further education for years after their eighteenth birthday.

Term life insurance policies generally tend to increase over the period of the policy; therefore it is advantageous to take out this type of insurance when you are young. This has a dual advantage because your premiums will be less because statistically you are enjoying a period of better health than when you are older. This is why term life insurance policies are generally regarded as a form of cheaper life insurance.

There are no standard premiums for term life insurance because the coverage that they offer is not standard. Term life insurance quotes are based on your affordability to pay the premium and the coverage that you need. Often tem life insurance policies are adjunct policies which increment other existing policies as they cover specific contingencies such as a child's college education fund. The downside of this type of policy is that if you do not die in the specified period then you are not repaid, it does not build up a cash fund as a whole life insurance policy would. Sometimes a term life insurance policy is renewable, but nearly always at a higher premium.

Whole life policy can never be regarded as a cheap life insurance policy option, however because it covers all bases then it may be cheaper than a term policy if you require cover for a longer period of time than a 'term' policy can cover you for.

Cheap life insurance has to be regarded as a policy that has been obtained at the best price, and is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the insurance. Under any form of insurance policy, the insurer undertakes to pay a sum of money in the event of the death of the policy, under certain conditions. It is these conditions which should be investigated. Cheap life insurance may be defined as giving value in the form of insurance at a rate which you can afford to pay.

Cheap life insurance is finding the best value for money, for the type and category of insurance which you require. It is not about undermining the cover which your family may need in an emergency.