Forgotten Savings Account to Maine Unclaimed Money

by : Nicole Anderson

As ondate, more than 122 million dollars is lying waste with the Stateof Maine. Why? The money is unclaimed money owed to you and the residentsof the State. The money has been forgotten by more than half a million peopleall over the nation.

In fact,the population figures indicate that about 578,000 individuals are the rightfulclaimants of the unclaimed money in Maine.

Manyunclaimed money checks do not exceed $50-$100. However, there are many thatexceed even ten thousand dollars. Not all claims are for small amounts only.

Thelargest claim for unclaimed funds in Maine exceeds two hundred thousanddollars. Would you not love it if it was owed to you?

What arethe sources of Maine lost money?

Oldchecking accounts

Oldsavings accounts


Forgottenlife insurance policies




Uncashedchecks etc

Read thelist carefully and ask whether you have contributed to the problem.

What doesthe law say? The law requires money that is lying abandoned for more than threeyears to be handed over to the State as unclaimed money.

To make aprofit, it is essential that income exceeds expenditure. To reduce Maineunclaimed funds, it is imperative that the amount of funds returned exceedthe amount of funds added. However, while $10.4 million was returned, $25million got added as new unclaimed money last year.

Peopleliving in the nation must search and find out if they are owed Maine unclaimed funds. If they are owedmoney, they ought to recover the same.

Visitingthe website is the easiest way to search for unclaimedmoney. Just make use of the comprehensive database that the website offers tosearch for unclaimed money. Just key in your name and search whether money isowed to you or not.

Do not beselfish and seek to recover unclaimed money owed just to you. Search for yourfriends and family members as well.

If theunclaimed money owed to you is an inheritance, then you will have to submitproof of ownership of the funds. Else, mere proof of identity will suffice.

It isadvisable to search for unclaimed funds on a regular basis. Check at leastthree to four times in a year. Deposits are made to the Maine unclaimed funds constantlythroughout the year.

Searchabledatabase websites like offer additional information onthe process of claiming the funds as well. The forms to be filled and thedocuments to be provided have been cleanly listed.

As ondate, $35 billion is owed to millions of citizens in the country. If you arenot owed money from the unclaimedfunds in MaineArticle Search, you may be owed money from any other state or federaldatabase.

?Chances are very high that you or anybody inyour immediate family is owed unclaimed funds. Enjoy the windfall