Banking Basics: The Advantages of Banking

by : Peter Kenny

Nearly everyone has access to some sort of account with which to conduct the regular business of banking. Access to a financial institution's accounts and other services is often taken for granted. The advantages of banking can become clearer if you review some of the basics. This is even more relevant if you happen to be one of the few that have yet to open a checking or savings account with their local bank. You not only need to know what sort of obvious advantages a bank offers, such as the different features that are available to customers, but also how these relate to you particular needs.

Everyone would agree that one of the basic reasons bank accounts exist is to provide a place to put one's money to keep it safe. While images like stuffing your mattress with money may seem humorous to most of us, there have been times when people have done just that with the money they earned. In other situations, people might carry cash on their persons. The danger with either situation is that if money is stolen or lost, it cannot be replaced. Thus, using a banking service like an account is a good way to protect your assets.

Equally important is the fact that most people who are employed receive paychecks that can be redeemed for cash at banks. Of course, banks have a common policy that requires them to charge a fee for the cashing of someone's paycheck. This may not seem very important since the fees are generally very small. Yet, even a small fee can amount to something over time. The advantage to having a bank account with a local bank is that those fees will be waived if you keep an account with them.

Those same banking institutions also provide features that provide convenient use of accounts whether you want to establish a checking account and use checks to pay bills rather than cash or if you wish to obtain a debit card that can be used in the place of money. Both of these options provide easy access to your funds without being on the premises, physically withdrawing the funds from your checking or savings account.

While the direct advantages of keeping some type of banking account may be obvious to some, there are some indirect benefits as well. What sort of indirect benefits are there? First, the very fact that you have an account may improve your chances of being approved for a loan. It may be especially true if you are attempting to get a personal loan from the bank you have an account with and do business with on a regular basis. Established relationship with regular customers can go along way to help you obtain that personal loan or business loan you need.

Similarly, the fact that you have an existing account with a banking institution might be considered when you are trying to get financing for a loan elsewhere. For example, the lender may want to know if you have an active saving or checking account with a positive balance, so there is no doubt that you will have the ability to pay back the balance of the loan you receive.

These are all just some of the advantages associated with banking.