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by : Sharon White

There are sectors of micro-credit each organization provides and information of poor borrowers, and their gender composition, loan disbursed, loan outstanding, balance of savings, etc. under each of these sectors, country wise, region wise, and globally. These sets of information will tell us which sector of micro--credit is serving how many poor borrowers, their gender break-up, their growth during a year or a period, loans disbursed, loans outstanding, savings, etc. The categories, which are doing better, more support can go in their direction. The categories, which are doing poorly, may be helped to improve their performance. For policy maters this will be enormously helpful. For analysis purpose this will make a world of difference.Enough propagation held on micro-credit. But there is no proper investigation on Micro-credit. Time demands Campaign for investigating in the root level to present the information that they already collect on number of clients, number of the poorest among them, number of poorest clients that are women, number of clients that have crossed the poverty line, how many cases broken down the dream of borrowers, what the hard reality of Micro-credit, how many borrowers were really benefited, how many were suppressed, for each of the cases what type of torture they made on the borrowers violating Human rights. This will help donors to select the proper methodology they would like to support. Sorting out these things is very important for the donors, as well as the policymakers. InfectFind Article, Micro--credit has become a high profit generating business exploiting the poor community. Thousands of NGOs and Cooperatives have driven in this Business in the name of poverty elimination or social development. Even Conventional Banks are providing bridge Finance to the NGOs for micro credit.