A Review of Accelerated Nursing Programs

by : Morgan Hamilton

Health care will be faced with deficiency in nurses after a decade or so, claims official research. A lot of practicing nurses will retire after some ten years, leaving a blank space and lack of professional working hands, to suffice the necessity of nursery service throughout the US. In order to solve that problem , a lot of colleges offer accelerated nursing programs for their students. Anyone interested in health care can enroll in the programs. The applicants must only have their bachelor degree taken and they can participate with the accelerated courses. The program is extremely straight forward, and applicants get the degree in several years.

Some accelerated nursing programs have strict requirements about the number of credits that applicants should have in order to enroll. They let only applicants with credits in Biology courses or sciences. There are a lot of students interested in these programs, so the waiting lists are very long, thus the requirements are usually quite strict.

Accelerated nursing programs are offered by most colleges and universities. The students must be very successful in completing the accelerated courses in order to get a license to practice. Accelerated nursing programs offer students basic knowledge on all parts of nursery. The successful applicants will study health assessment, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biology, and caring for patients. They have a lot of practical courses so that the students work under professional supervision in hospitals and medical centres. They have a certain number of clinical hours, when they are expected to deal with different problems in the hospital. Accelerated nursing programs have strict curriculum.

Accelerated nursing programs are the best option for someone who is interested in health care. Graduate nurses sit for licensure in their state, after which they can practise. There is an option of credit transfer, alleviating the working students. Many credits will be transferred to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, for which there are also accelerated programs available for students who are working full-time as well as for family obligations too. A registered Nurse (RN) degree is the greatest one, giving the student the permission to practise.

There are different accelerated nursing programs though. If you feel like ding it, you should check which place is the best , and which one is the most suitable for you. You choice should be based on cost, length of curriculum of the accelerated nursing program. You should also check how the licensures are acquired after you have passed the program. Carefully research into the curriculum, accreditation and the general reputation of the nursery school before you enroll.