Getting Out of Debt: A Strategy

by : Ted Batron

The strategy for getting out of debt is easy. Earn more money or spend less of it. Ideally you should do both. Most people either never put their plan into practice, or give up way too soon.

Oh great, reflections on the obvious. It takes a lot of discipline to achieve the goal of getting out of debt, and the truth is many people will give up long before they achieve their goals.

If you are in debt, it probably didn't happen over night. It could be up to or more than two years that they spent money impulsively and didn't care to budget.

So, since it took a while to get into debt, getting out of debt will also be a long process. there is no magic wand to wave. I'd be lying to you if I told you there was. While you can use techniques and procedures to help simplify the process, it still takes time.

And this is a sound analogy for your debt problems. There is light at the end of the tunnel, by sticking with the plan the momentum grows. And momentum will step-up until the debt mass breaks down. Get to the place where you are not only paying the periodic interest on your debt but part of the principal sum that you owe. Paying more gets the debt down faster - something many people overlook.

So, how do you make more money? Thats a common question. You could get a second job. You may already be working at your limit, so this may not be possible. You have to decide. Don't risk your health. That would completely defeat the purpose.

Is there something you enjoy doing that can make a little extra income without placing additional stress on you? However, working a desk job and then working on an oil field is probably not a effective idea for a second job (unless oil production is your hobby).

What about selling some of your household items on eBay? Placing items on ebay or giving a garage sale is a easy way to produce a spot of cash fast. It might not be a big sum but it will be more than you started with.

With all of this stated, raising more money is likely far more difficult than getting ways to drop less of the money you already make.

Many people getting into debt or already in difficult debt problems have no sat down and planned their budget. Without a simple budget they have no way of knowing what they spend or or what the money is spent on. A budget is necessary for getting out of debt.

Getting a budget together so you know what your spending limits are isn't that difficult. It's your monthly payroll check plus any other income producing pursuits that you have going. Don't forget to allow for taxes if your not already. You might get another unintended debt at years end.

Now establish how much you spend. It's important to be ruthless about this. No expense is too small to matter. The goal is the make sure that what you are spending is vital and just wasteful.essential items are required to survive, so your shelter and food are essential. Having stated this, you need to determine whether you are living outside your means. Can you get a cheaper house Is your grocery budget too high? You could be wasting food. You might be able to cut your food budget.

Non important can be things like excessive entertainment and shopping. How many outfits do you need every month? How many times do you really need to eat out. All these things can be considered. These are just a few thoughts for saving money, and getting out of debt.