Paying Down the National Debt

by : Roland Jefferson

Most Americans have more debt than savings; it seems to be the new American dream. Of course it is dangerous to carry too much debt, but there isn't much most people can do. We talk like that but we expect the national debt to always be balanced and maybe even be paid off. It's not something that is easy to be fixed. The laws and those who make them seem impossible for even those to understand.

Every day that the government is in debt costs tax payers millions of dollars. There are many countries that value their own financial situation based upon the dollar. This is because we are a stable nation with an economy greater than many countries combined. By having a national debt we are always risking a little because the government owes money to many banks. It is quite costly as noted before on the backs of Middle America.

Every new administration claims to know how to be out of debt, and yet, they have a hard time just balancing the budget. Can one think of the problems they would have if they didn't balance ones check book? After the first two or three times, jail would be the new home for about six months.

The Power of the People

As Americans, we have the right and the responsibility to demand changes be made. If as Americans we vote, we should be demanding change in Washington. Most people don't realize what people working together for a cause can create; it creates power. It creates a loud voice to those in Washington that the people have spoken. The national debt will not go away on its own, anymore than our own debts will fix themselves. Each new voting generation should consider the cost of a national debt. People will try to leave some inheritance for their kids or grandkids and this can only be done by planning and saving.

As Americans however, the only inheritance we are leaving for our younger generations is more debt stacked up on old debt. Think about these things when it is close to Election Day. The national debt should be one of the top priorities for serious candidates. Consider those we put into public office, our representatives, and let them know where one stands. If a candidate won't take the time to listen, then vote for someone else. As a person, take a look at how debt is paid down. One really has no leg to stand on if ones own house is not in order.