Tax Debt Help - How I Settled My Income Tax Debt Case

by : Mark Yarbrough

Do you need tax debt help? Well, take a deep breath. One experience you never want to have is getting a letter from the IRS informing you that you owe income tax debt. It can be a real shock to get such a letter. However, I can say from personal experience that it may not be as bad as you first think. If you owe the government back taxes, first of all don't panic, relax, the IRS is helpful and will work with you to resolve your income tax debt.

In my case my ex-wife had claimed my son on her taxes in 2006 without telling me, I won't try to explain why she did that, (I have trouble explaining most of what she does). I had been the sole legal guardian of my son for some 15 years and things had not changed in any way in 2006. Nevertheless, after talking with IRS representative, it became evident that I would have to prove that my son lived with me, and that I took proper care of him.

This involved filling out an income vs. expense form, getting forms from his school showing he lived at my address, and supplying a copy of my 2006 income tax return and other personal information. The IRS representative who worked on my case was patient, helpful and objective. After I submitted the proper forms the debt was quickly canceled. After everything was settled it became evident to me that I did a lot of worrying and stressing over something that was resolved without an attorney, just with the aid of the IRS professional and only about five or six hours work. Ok, my case was fairly simple and was easily worked out. The point of my story and my aim in telling it is to demonstrate that if you owe the IRS taxes it doesn't mean that you are under some form of attack or that anyone is out to get you. The only real damage done may be the stress you put yourself through, so take your time and gather all the facts of your particular situation and adopt a wait and see attitude after you have submitted all relevant information.

Tax debt is something that you can't escape through bankruptcy, but if there's no mistake and you really owe the money, the IRS may be willing to work out a repayment plan or settlement of some sort. You may need to borrow some money from the equity in your home. If that's not possible, you may have some personal items you can sell, a late-model automobile you can trade out of, or possibly a relative who can help you out over the short-term.

If the sum owed is a considerable amount, it is very advisable to consult a tax professional who can examine your case in detail and discuss various solutions. A tax professional can help you submit whatever documentation is needed to process your case. Check the author's section below for a professional, quick and free online tax debt help consultation.