Government Grants - Hassle Free Option for Debt Relief

by : Milos

Government grants as an option of debt relief is not very popular. This is basically due to the lack of awareness amongst the people. Every year billions of dollars are kept aside for the purpose of giving away as government grants. People do not opt for these grants for debt relief because they think that either these grants are not available to individuals or they are not eligible to apply for the same.

Why Government Gives Grants For Debt Relief

When people are debt ridden, their expenditure decreases. This reduces the demand for various things in the economy because people will not have money to spend. Slowly this affects all areas of the economy, with the result that the economy of the state / nation suffers. Therefore it is imperative that the people have enough spending capacity so that the economy prospers.

Debt Relief With Government Grants

Government grants are more easily available than other forms of loans. This is because grants unlike loans do not require collateral or any other form of security. These thousands of dollars got as grants can be used for starting a new business, the proceeds from which can be used to clear off previous debts.

Grants are also available for clearing off debts incurred due to specific reasons like health care, education, business expenses etc. For e.g. a debt incurred for health care purposes like hospitalisation, medical bills, etc. can be cleared with the help of government grants. Debts incurred for setting up a business can also be funded using government grants. This makes government grant an ideal debt relief instrument.

Are grants easily available?

Grants are easily available to those people who can prove to the government that they are not in a position to pay off their debts. The social service office elaborately studies the financial position, outstanding debts and repayment capability of the debtor before issuing the grant. This is to ensure that the grant is going to the extremely needy people who have no other means to salvage their debt ridden situation.

Advantages Of Availing Government Grants For Debt Relief

1. A grant is easily available because no collateral is required to be got for it. The debtor just has to prove that he is not in a position to pay off his debts.

2. A grant is an aid from the government. It is not a loan. Hence it need not be paid back. It is both interest-free and non-taxable. It is given with the sole purpose of getting the finances of the debtor back on track, thereby making him debt-free subsequently.

3. With the availability of government grants for debt relief the debtors are saved from declaring bankruptcy.

4. Grants in comparison with other form of debt relief are a better option because they make the debtor debt free instantly.

Government grants are therefore an ideal debt relief option for those debtors who have no other option but to declare bankruptcy.