Things To Follow After You Emerge Out Of A Debt Trap

by : John Porter

In our lives we all make mistakes. But then it is also up to us to rectify those mistakes and start life afresh. All we can ask for is some support and some guidance. When some of us are deep in debt those are the two things that we definitely need-guidance and support. And this is where credit counselors come in.

Ideally, the credit counselor should first analyze and understand your credit situation, draw up a workable solution for you to get rid of your debts and then motivate you towards reaching your objective. This is the primary responsibility of a good credit counselor. It is one thing to negotiate the interest rates, but to actually help you focus on the goals ahead and keep you on track is what separates an ordinary credit counselor from a good one.

These are some of the basic things you can do after having recovered from a debt trap.

Create a savings account if you already don't have one and make regular deposits to that account. You should deposit a fixed some every month. This shows that you are keen on saving for any emergency in the future.

Stay away from any further debts. Don't loan anything from anyone. If that means a much tougher life than what you are used to, then so be it.

Pay all your bills on time. This will show that you have learnt from your mistakes and you are not going to repeat the same in future. If there are late payments from your end, they might get reported to the credit bureau, something you will definitely not want to happen.

If you retain your credit card, then only make purchases that you can afford. Use it once in a while and pay back your dues immediately.

Apply for a secure credit card with your bank. These cards require you to deposit an amount with the bank and the bank will allow you credit only up to the amount that you have deposited with the bank. This is the best way to use the advantages of the credit card without spending more than you can afford.

These are some of the things that if you follow religiously will ensure that you don't have to see those horrible days again. They are not hard things to stick to. All that you need to show is a little discipline and self-control.