5 Best Options For Debt Relief

by : Bill Protresi

You believe you're drowning in a sea of unpaid loans? fear not, as there are quite a number of techniques you can take to alleviate the problems you are suffering. Here 5 such solutions that can ensure debt relief:

1. Debt consolidation. Consolidating your borrowings into a single loan has tremendous benefits. To start with, the new consolidated loan will have a new demand date, which will save you from the penalty charges of your individual debts. In addition to the foregoing, the new consolidated loan can require a more favorable interest rate, which will be amazingly lower than the cumulative amount you pay for the corresponding fees of the individual debts. Third, it will be simpler to take care of a single debt instead of several individual debts. Debt consolidation is, by far, the most popular kind of debt relief.

2. Debt settlement. Here's a very important statistic: 8 out of 10 credit card companies are willing to meet up with a delinquent cardholder to come up with amicable terms beneficial for both parties. Other credit institutions are also willing to reach debt settlements with their debtors. Don't fall in the trap of allowing overdue debts to forever haunt your credit account because the penalty fees and interest rate will pile up and sink your boat even deeper.

As soon as possible, call the credit company and try to reach mutually beneficial terms for everyone concerned. Even with the seemingly easy nature of this technique, debt settlement remains one of the least popular debt relief options available for the debtor.

3. Debt refinancing. Some people work around a demandable loan by applying for another debt to fulfill the previous one. The new borrowing will have a new maturity period, which will spare the debtor from penalty fees. Debt refinancing is the most convenient debt relief option there is.

4. Credit counseling programs. Attending any of the countless credit counseling programs offered today will allow the debtor to acquire favorable terms when it comes to the payment of his debts. The credit counseling firm will talk with each and every one of the ledors for a debt management plan, or DMP, that will make things easier for the debtor to fulfill his obligations.

5. Bankruptcy. As a last resort, and only as a last resort, the debtor may file for bankruptcy. If the court declares the debtor to be bankrupt, his applicable properties will be liquidated to satisfy his unsecured debts. In the event that the unsecured debts are not fully fulfilled, the debtor will be relieved of them after liquidation and application of his previously discussed properties.