Reduce Your Debt As Soon As Possible

by : Jerry Leung

Some people do not think it is vital to reduce their debts. However, they will probably realize that it is important when they find that they spend too much on repaying the debts. It is in fact a bit too late when they realize they have to reduce their debts. As a result, it is better to do something before it is too late. The followings are some tips for you to reduce your debts.

Without any surprise, you have to create a budget for yourself. You should have the commitment to live according to the budget you have created otherwise it is just pointless to have the budget. Usually, you will divide your income into a few parts.

You can use 35% of your income on your house. This includes the mortgage, rent and other expenses related to your home. Then you will use 20% on your daily transportation. Another 20% will be used on other expenses such as food and clothing. You should also have 10% for saving and investment. Lastly, you have to spend the remaining budget on repaying the debts.

Although you will spend about 15% of your income on repaying the debts or loans, you need to calculate if this 15% is enough or not. If the 15% is less than the minimum due you have to pay every month. Then there can be a problem. You should try to reallocate your budget and reduce the expenses on the unnecessary items!

You should also try to calculate your debt to income ratio and credit to debt ratio. For the former, the income should be the amount of money you can get after taxes. A large ratio means that the debt can render more problems to you. And you may have to seek for some sorts of debt consolidation if the ratio is too high.

As mentioned, you will also need to calculate the credit to debt ratio. You can get this ratio when your credit limit is divided by the total debts. In this case, a small number will mean a bigger problem and vice versa.

If your debts are from credit cards, it is also very important to pay more than the minimum due. It will take your whole life to repay all the debts if you only pay the minimum due every month. As a result, you should have the commitment to pay more than the minimum.