Simple Ways to Clear Debts

by : Mikeking

The modern financial structure is making the processing of a loan much easier than ever. But on the other hand it is pushing people in a situation where it becomes a challenge to clear debts. People opting for some kind of loans does not pay attention to the ever escalating interest on top of the actual amount. And thus they eventually accumulate a huge debt on their shoulders, which at times becomes worse if not paid in time. While in economic crisis, people often fall back on loans. But before taking any ultimate decision, one should analyze the rates and types of interest to find the best one.

Some of the options that can be applied by you to clear debts are stated below:

- Better money management: It is considered to be one of the best ways to clear debts. It is important to note your all expenses in order to cut down the bad ones. This actually helps a lot. You need to maintain records of all the financial transactions such as purchases and withdrawals every month. This would help you to keep track of the expenses. Plan out a monthly budget by considering all your expenses, and stick to as much as possible. The experience from maintaining the record would help you to plan a loan better. Customers can also consolidate their debts. It can be the ideal way to clear debts as you can handle your money far better.

- Debt management plan: Customers can also write to their creditors, requesting them to lower the monthly instalments and stop charging the interest for sometime. The creditors may listen to the plea, but still it would not be a legal deal, so it can be withdrawn any time on the discretion of the creditor. The Debt management plan is also to be re-examined twice every year. This can be one of the best options of clearing debts, as it provides the customer with the breathing space required. It is always better to adopt some means arrangement, be it temporary with the creditors, rather than not paying monthly instalments. There are numerous debt management planners who can help you chalk out a debt plan.

- Individual Voluntary Arrangement: The Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA is a legal agreement, unlike the debt management plan. The agreement has a tenure of few years. The customers have the options of paying low instalments and also write off a part of the debt. The clauses of the agreement are fixed. The interest on the loans is not charged for the time period of the Individual Voluntary Arrangement. The customers get to retain their collateral mortgage property. This is helpful to person seeking to clear debts. The fee charged for Individual Voluntary Arrangement is quite high, which discourages customers from opting for this alternative. Still it is better than facing bankruptcy.

- Filing Bankruptcy: Filing bankruptcy is the last and least preferred option to clear debt. Here most of your debt is written off and you are declared a bankrupt and creditors can no longer harass you for money due. You are allowed to keep only essential assets for yourself. You can get rid of the bankruptcy title, which can happen only a year later.

Above are some conventional ways to clear debts. These can be favourably applied with help from professional debt solution providers.