California Auto Insurance Comparisons

by : Eric Morris

According to California's premium rating law, every insurance company is permitted to determine its own rates based on its past loss experience and expenses. In view of the fact that every company's experience is different, although they are within the identical geographic region, the rates will be different as a result.

By calling a few companies for rate comparisons, people can find the cheapest policy and possibly save hundreds of dollars a year. Shoppers will also have an opportunity to select the company that offers the most accessible price and coverage to match their personal requirements.

There are various sources people can call to assess policies and premiums. A good starting place could be the local telephone directory. The Internet can provide names and telephone numbers for independent insurance brokers/agents, company agents, direct writers, and web sites.

It is vital to get quotes from numerous companies. People may not recognize it, but the insurance rates they pay for their car can differ considerably based on the insurance company they select. Consumers should always evaluate many companies before coming to a decision on a policy.

If someone has trouble finding a company that will insure them, they can always contact certain insurance companies that specialize in high-risk drivers. People should be vigilant when they decide to buy insurance from one of these companies. It is important to carefully read each eligibility requirements and the monthly rates as they may vary vastly from one provider to the other. Obtaining liability coverage through the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP) is another option.

The plan operates by accepting the application and turning over it to an insurance company. Every insurance company licensed in the state is obliged to accept CAARP applicants. The quantity of CAARP applicants insured depends on the insurance company's market share. The rates used by the plan are the same regardless of which insurance company issues the policy.