A Dream Retirement Or A Rude-Awakening To Financial Reality?

by : Noel Peebles

It would be fair to say that most people will find their incomes at least
halved the instance they retire from the workforce. The bombshell is
dropped when suddenly discovering they lack the cash flow to do the
things they had always dreamed of doing in retirement. Sadly, what
looked like being a dream retirement becomes a rude awaking to
financial reality. Will you be any different?

Well, there is a quick-fix solution for when you first retire. Live like
there’s no tomorrow and eat-away at your capital until it’s all gone.
It’s fun while it lasts, but then reality hits home yet again.

In many cases, this capital is what provides earning capacity over and
above your government pension (if you are lucky enough to live in a
country that offers one). Take away the capital and you rely 100% on
your retirement pension.

What an awful situation to be in. These are the "golden years"... the
time of life when you should be enjoying yourself. Yet the truth is;
government benefits and pensions are not designed to pay your
mortgages, car installments, or credit card bills. Nor are they
designed to keep you in the lifestyle to which you may have
become accustomed.

Pensions and benefits are designed to provide only the bare
essentials. Needless to say, retirement can be a rude-awakening
as you learn to adapt in survival mode.

The message is clear:

=====> These days you can't rely on others to provide you with
ongoing employment.

=====> Understand that a government benefit or pension, at most,
will provide the bare essentials and allow you to live frugally.

=====> Know your true wealth at any given time in your life.
You might unexpectedly be forced to retire or stop working
(trading your hours for money).

The decision is yours! If you want to keep your freedom, then be
prepared to help yourself. What’s more, retirement might happen
sooner than you had planned.

You have to actively take part in your destiny without relying on banks,
employers or the government. If you have a job or run your own business
- great! However, start to think differently.

Find ways to build a growing income without always having to trade
your hours for money. That is the key!

When you trade hours for money you are earning a living to survive.
The moment you stop, or can no longer earn a living, will be the time
of reckoning. You'll suddenly discover the limits of your true wealth.

? Will you be able to do all those things you always dreamed of doing?
? How long will your capital last?
? How financially prepared will you be for an unexpected disaster?
? How reliant will you be on the government, a superannuation fundPsychology Articles,
or your family?
? What will be your level of comfort in retirement?
? What changes will you need to make to cope with your new
financial circumstances?

Most of us live for today and hope that tomorrow will take care of itself.
Make no mistake; these tough questions will need answering sooner or later.
To ensure those golden years are truly golden - better sooner than later!