Do You Understand Car Insurance Rates?

by : David Thomson

Do you Understand Car Insurance Rates?
If you are searching for car insurance rates but you have no real idea of what they are or how they work, then you could be left feeling more than a little confused! There are hundreds of companies offering car insurance and there are so many different policies to learn about too. So just how do you know whether the rate you receive is right for you?

Understanding Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates vary depending upon the following:

• The Company

• Your Personal Details

• Your Car Make and Model

• The Policy you Take Out

Each of the above will make a significant difference to the rate that you are offered. Every individual insurance company will offer a different rate regardless of your personal details. So you could type in the exact same details for two different insurance companies and the rates are likely to be completely different.

Your personal details will make a difference to the rates however. Factors such as your gender, your age and how long you have been driving will dramatically affect the rate that you are offered. If you have only been driving for a short period, your rate will be higher than it would be for somebody who has been driving for ten years. This is because you obviously do not have as much experience and within your first year of driving you are more likely to have an accident.

Your gender also makes a difference as female drivers are thought to be safer drivers than males. Finally your age makes a difference because the younger you are, the higher risk you have of having an accident. So, personal details do play a big part in an insurance quote.

The make and model of your car will also change the car insurance rates that you are offered. If your car is considered to be "sporty" then you will be expected to pay a higher rate. Sporty cars are generally driven faster than other types of cars and so insurance companies reflect this in their quotes. Also classic cars have older parts that can be harder and more expensive to find. So if you were to have an accident in a classic car, the insurance claim would be significantly higher. For that reason your insurance rate will be quite high.

Finally the policy that you choose to take out will also make a difference to the rate you are offered. You need to know that there are a large number of different policies you can benefit from. Most people assume that everything is covered in the insurance and they learn the hard way that certain things do not always come as standard. Fire and theft are two types of insurance that you will need protecting from, but they are not always covered under certain policies.

Overall you need to understand the different factors that determine car insurance rates. Without having a good understanding of what is available and how your details could affect your quote, it is not possible to find the best insurance to suit you.