Car Insurance - Women Need More Cover

by : Gill Critchley

UK female drivers need to make sure that they have comprehensive car insurance that will also cover any items that are inside their cars.

Information that Sheilas' Wheels collected showed that women in the UK usually leave items that are worth ?129 in their cars and therefore really need comprehensive car insurance.

The information also showed how the growing popularity of going out after work, means that 27 per cent of women are leaving expensive outfits and shoes in their vehicles when they go out, and another 67 per cent of female drivers are believed to leave at least 4 pairs of shoes in their cars at any time. This means that many women, who do not have comprehensive car insurance, are having to pay out to replace the belongings that they have left in their car and that have been stolen. The best thing to do to make sure that your car and possessions are completely covered is to compare prices of comprehensive car insurancedeals on comparison websites. This will mean that you can find the best cover for your needs and also the best cheap car insurancedeal on offer.

Women were also advised that they should not leave their personal belongings in their cars, especially on show, as they were likely to suffer a broken window or lock on their car if opportunistic thieves were to break into their vehicles. If you have to leave any personal belongings in your vehicle, the best thing to do is to ensure that they are locked away in the boot of the car, or at the very least, out of sight.