Invest in Term Life Insurance Before Marriage

by : Donald Carmin

An essential safeguard for our selves and our family can be nothing else than to invest in any of the life insurance policy. There are various excellent life insurance policies today from which we can do well to ourselves in many probable ways. Today life insurance companies offer very good schemes which are easy to choose and as well easy to pay the premiums also. Some insurance companies offer a life cover in association with housing loan companies. The cover is offered for the amount of loan outstanding. As the loan reduces with repayment, the cover also comes down. Due to this aspect and possibility of group coverage with the housing finance company, the premium can be significantly lower. The term policy life cover is a fundamental protection for the policy holders. It will take care of untimely demise of the breadwinner by any cause. The term policy will cover natural death, and not just accidental event. The period of the cover is generally up to 60 years of age, but nowadays one can get policies beyond this age limit also. This coincides with the earning age of the individual. The insurance policy is a "bridge" between the present income and the future wealth. The low premium is the main feature of the term policy. The term policy will not offer any "maturity sum" whatsoever, when the insured crosses the age of the policy. There can be additional facilities with a term policy, which can cover critical illness or disability, for an extra cost.

My uncle had invested in the whole term life insurance policy for the well being of his family. I had no parents and I stayed with my uncle until I grew up and could carry my own responsibilities. My uncle had spent on my educational expenses and even my father had secured my future by investing in the life insurance policy for me. My uncle took good care of me and he advised me to invest in any of the life insurance policy as soon as I settle in my life. Progressively I wanted to settle in life. I started working in an office as a manager. After 3 years of my job, I decided to invest in the universal life insurance policy because now I thought that I could manage to pay the premiums on time very easily. I first wanted to secure myself in life and then I wanted to get married so that I could manage very easily all the additional expenses after my marriage. I was a very happy man and the intention behind investing in the universal life insurance policy was that I wanted to gift my fiancé with this policy so that she will feel financial secure. She will not have to depend on anyone after my death. I am very practical about life. It is not that I am young and nothing will happen to me. I may meet with an accident and die only after a few days of my marriage. So what will she do in this case? So this was my thought and first I invested in the universal life insurance policy and I gifted the policy to her and then I got married.