Nintendo Wii Is Changing History

by : Paul Hornberger

Wii means “we," which is fundamentally what the game is all about. It speaks of friends gathering to play Legends of Zelda or two boxing enthusiasts attempting to outmatch each other with punches and jabs. But, in truth, Wi consolei is actually changing history, particularly in how we define interaction when it pertains multiplayer and one-on-one games. It’s as well setting a new trend in the industry, frightening off a number of Nintendo’s major competitors, such as Sony and Microsoft.

It took the design engineers two years before they can fully finalize the full look and feel of Wii. Encompassing all of the leading markets across nations, Nintendo was set to transport the first Wii Consoles to Oceania, Europe, South America, and Asia. They had already scheduled their release dates and even prices. However, even before its actual release, the world is already clamoring for it. As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom experienced massive shortage when Nintendo Wii finally came on December 8, 2006. This is because they were not capable of meeting the demands of pre-orders. Even high-end technology stores didn’t have that much to fulfil the hunger of gamers for this revolutionary gaming console. The U.S.A., on the other hand, received the same dilemma when their supply falls short to the demand around June 2007.

Great News for Nintendo

The Japanese company Nintendo certainly finds great luck in their Wii console. Beginning from the time that it was launched in the marketplace until now, it has experienced growing sales, even baffling its rivals such as Playstation 3, which has been taking on several technical problems, and Xbox360. A report released by the NPD Group, one of the biggest research companies in the world, revealed that Nintendo Wii far surpasses the combined sales of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 during the half 2007. Sometime in September 2007, Wii is gaining momentum over Xbox 360, which was launched in 2006, making the former the leading brand in the world of gaming consoles. It’s also the fastest-selling handheld device for games in all of Australia’s gaming history.

Managing Its Production Costs

Among the secret weapons Nintendo did to make certain that they are definitely capturing sales is to reduce their production costs. This way, they may extend their profit margin. Hence, in Japan alone, every Wii unit sold can give the company a return of almost $15. It’s more than doubled if you speak about the sales achieved in Europe as well in the U.S.A..

It’s all in the Console

Most of all, what seals the history of Nintendo Wii is its ability to allow for a different degree of playing experience for its users. There are no joysticks, which they have to learn to use before they can fully appreciate a game. All it entails is simple moves of your hands, and you can definitely have fun with sword slashing, mountain climbing, arm wrestling, and even the very plain console game of angling

What’s the future for Wii? Nobody knows for certain. However, there’s only one thing that remains: it will continue to revolutionize the gaming world and, in fact, history. For more information on Nintendo Wii please visit