Why Those Free Software Downloads May Not Exactly Be Free

by : Teahupoo

When using the Internet be very cautious of free downloadable software, such as sites that offer you free downloadable cursors, tool bars, and smiley faces as well as many other appealing things. If you don't know this site is a safe site then do not download anything from the site.

Most downloadable software sites are just spy ware. By downloading from these sites you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers and pop ups. If you receive an email with anti spy ware links do not click on these. These advertisers are trying to make you think they are a reputable site giving you anti spyware when really you are downloading those programs.

If you think you may have these programs on your computer make sure you find a reputable site to provide protective spyware for you. If you wish to limit pop ups and spy ware; adjust your browser accordingly to limit your pop ups and spy ware. Some tool bars give you the option to block all pop ups, as much as this may be a good thing it can be bad as well because it can stop all windows from popping up including normal ones you are familiar with. Always try to be familiar with any pages you plan to open other wise you may be opening spy-ware. Again it can be downloaded with or without your knowledge so the best you can do is to keep an anti virus/spyware program on your computer.

If you think you may have these programs on your computer, then you need to get it off of your PC as soon as you can; spyware can take your personal information and give it out to anyone without your knowledge. Some anti virus programs are designed with removers built in. There are two types of anti spy-ware programs: those that alert you after the it has already been downloaded onto your computer. These are okay but not always a best choice because they may have already done their damage. The second type alerts you as it is trying to download onto your computer. These are very good ideas because it can stop the program in its tracks.

If you tend to use the Internet a lot you should run a scan of your computer at least once a week to check for any viruses or other malicious programs. If you do not have a protective program try to find a reputable detection program such as; Ad Aware, Spy Sweeper, Pest Patrol, Spy bot search and destroy. All of these are great programs to help your computer stand up against malicious programs and keep your computer safe from the hassles of the Internet.