How Important Is Computer Backup Software? Do You Have Any?

by : Garyl2k

With the digital world ever growing with files getting larger by the second it's about time the world started taking backing up of their data seriously! What if I told you that many people in the world right now are losing thousands due to corrupt data... Shocking?

I have been working in the Information Technology (IT) game for many years, I have built a nice client base of company's which rely on me supporting their IT needs. This includes making sure their current backup software backs up their important data files.

The problem the world encounters today is the lack of decent programs in the software market, we have our standard computer backup software which comes with most server OS software but its limited to what it can do.

But what should you be looking out for when searching for new backup software?

I'm going to list some of the most important factors that you need to take in to account when buying new computer backup software, there is no need for you to spend thousands on fancy programmers to write you up something, there is hope out there!

First you want a program which will backup your data when it's in use, most programs out there don't do this and show up errors within the logs that its had to skip a file because of file permissions. To get round this you will want a program which can copy the data without hindering the user using the file, a decent backup software program will do this.

You will also want a program which will display the right amount of detail in the log files, this can be one of the most annoying things with computer backup software. They can either tell you too much information or tell you too little information, getting the right balance can be hard.

Make sure you can give the software a trial run there is no point spending out money just to find out that the computer backup software does not do what it says on the tin... Think before spending your cash! If they don't give trials of their computer backup software then ask if they can set you up on one or even give you a guarantee refund.

Reviews! It's very important to read other peoples fews on any program your about to buy, don't purchase anything without reading real user reviews on a product. Some cases this can be hard to find but if you can't find any reviews at all then stay away since the product has not been fully tested by a third party source.

Remember computer backup software is very important to have, its not only costly to have but its even more costly to not have one so think before buying your computer backup software. Picking the right software is key to your company's future, don't lose data that you have taken years to build as it can only take 3 seconds for that data to be lost.