How to Fix Registry Problems on your Computer

by : Cynthia Blake

If you're asking yourself "How do I fix registry problems on my computer?" then you're not alone. The Windows registry is notorious for becoming cluttered with corrupt and obsolete registry entries. These leftover and orphaned entries can cause lots of problems depending on the files involved.

Make A Backup Copy

Making a backup copy of your registry is an important backup procedure that should be done every time you perform maintenance on your computer. It's actually very easy and there are only a few steps to the process.

First, go to Start - Run. Then type "regedit" into the box and press enter. This will open up the Windows registry editor. Be sure not to touch anything! Tinkering with these files can cause serious problems with your computer and render it unusable.

Next, go to File - Export. Then pick a safe spot to store your file, and make sure you will remember where it is. Choose a name for it - something with the date does well - and then click "save." That's it! Now you have a hard copy of your registry so that you can revert back to just in case anything happens.

Get A Good Registry Cleaner

There are several programs that will scan your registry and remove the unwanted files that are either obsolete or corrupt. The best ones will allow you make backup copies of the registry, undo changes, and other useful things.

For example, RegCure by ParetoLogic has a Startup Manager which allows you to easily prevent programs from loading when the PC boots up. This will greatly improve the boot time of your computer.

Most of these programs are very easy to use and offer a great way for everyone to keep their computer in tip top shape.