Freedom to Call Anywhere

by : Daryl Plaza

The international calling card prepaid minutes will unleash the freedom to call from anywhere with your phone card

International calling cards are a great way of staying in touch whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Everyone wants to call home when they are away, for students this can be costly and a card makes the process easier and cheaper. Whether you're staying in a hotel or a hostel, long distance, overseas call rates are extremely high - this is where the prepaid international calling card will come in handy. Most stores who sell calling cards to the public, deal with International calling cards.

You pay a fixed amount of money, based on what you think your call rate and length of call will be. Each call is logged by the phone service who then deduct the appropriate amount from your card. The rates on international calls differ and what you pay is dependent on where and when you want to call and the way you plan your calls. Long-distance calls are charged by the minute as a general rule, and what it costs you will depend largely on the rates that the telephone company has on offer.

There are a number of services you can opt for when it comes to paying for your international long distance calls. There is a variety of international calling card plans and each one may have different services on offer. These might include callback services and dial around. There are also some prepaid phone cards on offer that may charge at a lower rate than other companies generally offer. A lot depends on the type of prepaid international calling card that you choose; with some of the telephone companies will have basic rates. The features on these cards may vary but usually includes the following:

? The connection fees
? Minimum phone call times
? Different rates for the day time/ nighttime
? Different fees for weekend and weekday Times

The benefits of obtaining an international calling card

You might ask just exactly why should you need an international long-distance calling card, and what might suit you? The following information is designed to help you make wise choices so that you get the international calling card that is best suited to your needs. Unfortunately whichever card you choose they each have their own call plans and drawbacks. Some companies will charge you a high connection fee whereas some phone cards have no connection fees but will charge you for using a pay phone or may add extra charges if any call you make is longer than ten minutes. When you are doing your research, trying to find the right calling card for you then you want one that will allow you to talk for as long as you want to without extra phone charges. If you plan on calling someone who is only contactable by cell phone, then you need to find a card that allows you to call mobile phones and which doesn't make additional charges. Finally, it is a good idea to check that you will be entitled to the minutes that it says you will without incurring any extra charges. You should also check whether the company will apply connection charges for calling other countries.

Prepaid international calling cards will keep you connected

A major disadvantage of the prepaid phone card for international use is the requirement that you dial a 1- 800-number and then have to enter a long pin number. If the rates on the international calling card are decent then you might want to see this as only a minor inconvenience. If you obtain your prepaid calling card on the Internet rather than at a store then you may find that you reduce any inconveniences you may have to deal with. There are additional benefits to getting your card this way because you can recharge the card online or over a phone line whenever you need it. You should be able to do this with most prepaid phone cards providing you use the online service. Your card number is automatically linked to your cell phone so when you can just call stored numbers without having to enter them every time.