Things to Avoid in Gas Reward Credit Cards

by : Ann Wilson

Copyright (c) 2008 Ann Wilson

Gas reward credit cards are great but the truth is they're not really for everyone. Usually, this type of reward credit card is affiliated with a particular gas station, and if you don't purchase your gas from that station, then you won't earn your points at all. So before you go ahead and sign up for that amazing gas rewards credit card offer, read on and find out the things you need to avoid with your gas reward card.

Inaccessible gas station affiliates.

As we've said at the beginning of this article, you'll have to make sure that your gas reward credit card is affiliated with your preferred gasoline station. Otherwise, your credit card won't be of much use to you at all. Is the affiliate gas station easily accessible to you? Or do you need to drive out of your way just to refuel? Remember, on some cards you only earn your rebates each time you charge your fuel purchases from the affiliated gas station.

Vague terms and conditions.

Are the terms about earning gas rebates and redeeming your rewards stipulated clearly in your credit card agreement? Or are there some phrases or statements that are somewhat vague or indistinct? Pay special attention to the asterisks that are found at the end of what seems to be a great offer. Often times, there are certain conditions before you can enjoy that offer. For instance, if the ad says you get 5% rebates on gas purchases*- the term "gas purchases" may be limited to only one particular gas station branch and not on all gas purchases. Make sure that you are clearly aware of what you're signing up for by reading the fine print of your gas reward credit card agreement.

Delaying your monthly payments.

Reward credit cards are often strict about implementing the rules. Gas reward credit cards are no different. If you fail to submit your monthly payment by your due date, chances are, you forfeit your eligibility to earn our rewards. This is a crucial tip for every reward credit card holder. Pay close attention to your payment due dates to make sure that you'll get the rewards you deserve.

Deceptive Promotional offers.

Watch out for what seems to be the best deal you ever heard! Promotional offers are always great but don't forget that these offers don't last very long. Also, promos are offered just to get you to sign up for the card. Don't forget to check if there's a catch. For instance, the 5% gas rebate may just be limited to your first month, afterwards it may drop to a low 1% or even less. The low interest rate may be good for the first 3 months, but how much will it be after the introductory period expires? Don't be stuck with a gas reward credit card that doesn't do much for you. Read the full terms and conditions to know the exact implications of the promos being offered.