Wireless Headphones For Couch Potatoes

by : Rc Rougeux

When would you use wireless headphones? How are they different than regular headphones? Which ones are the best to get?

On the road: If you're on the road, you'll want a Bluetooth enabled set that includes wireless headphones and microphone. It's a small unit that goes over your ear and the microphone is powerful enough to pick up your voice. It means you can have a phone conversation while you're walking down the street, driving in your car, or riding on the subway…all while you take notes, drive, work at your computer, or interact with others. For the professional, it's all about multitasking. For the recreational user, it's all about the convenience. Another use for them on the road is when you are traveling with children and want them to all be able to hear the DVD being played on your in-car DVD player and don't want the danger of cords getting tangled and hurting someone. Each child can enjoy their own wireless headset which means everyone gets to listen and no one will be fighting!

On the couch (or around the house): If you are near to the unit that sends out the signal, you'll enjoy crisp, clear sound privately…you don't have to worry about anyone else hearing. This makes it perfect for the apartment owner who likes a lot of loud music but wants to be respectful of the people in apartments above and below. Or, if you want to watch movies in your home while everyone else has gone to bed, wireless headphones provide great sound without the annoyance of a cord getting in the way. And, what better way to enjoy your game system than with headphones to keep the sounds private? That way, you can listen to the sound effects as loud as you want without worrying the neighbors with your first person shooter game. If you use one of the interactive game systems that allow you to move about while you're playing (using a remote control gun or gloves, etc.) your wireless headphones will add to the experience without the annoyance of wires.

On the phone: Whether at work or at play, we love to talk on our phones. A wireless headset allows us to wander around the office, do the dishes in the kitchen, or work in the garage on the car while we talk to our customers or friends on the phone.

What are some wireless headphones? A few brands and models to consider are:

...Koss Wireless 900RF
...Sennheiser Wireless RS-130
...AKG Hear0999Audiosphere

These range in price from $100 to about $300 and even more, and offer varying levels of quality. As with all wireless headphones, you're limited to the distance you can go away from the unit that sends the signal to your headset. Generally speaking, the more expensive the headset, the farther you can go while maintaining clear sound.