The Truth About The HP iPAQ H6315

by : Ron Hel-Or

A lot has been said about the iPAQ and it's various models. In this article I'd like to talk about a specific model, the iPAQ H6315 PDA, and what has been the experience of people with this model. Please note that this device is a PDA – phone combination, also known as "smart phone". This increasingly popular option gives you more added value because you don't need to carry your cell phone around in addition to the PDA.

Let's begin with going over the features of this device:

1.The H6315 is an integrated PDA + cell phone. In the US, this device works perfectly along with the T-Mobile and Cingular networks. What does this mean for you? Well, you can forget about carrying around two devices (PDA and cell phone) and replace them with one device.
2.This device has the ability to connect to a GPS system. You can actually find your way to any destination in the country using the GPS system along with a suitable map software. Make sure you install the voice software so your iPAQ can give you sound directions while you are driving.
3.Full Internet and email capability. This is a standard feature among PDA's today, but it's worth mentioning. The ability to connect to the Internet makes this device especially useful. Imagine you are driving your car to a new client, using the directions the PGS system gives you. At some point, the client calls your phone. You can take the call with your iPAQ while still driving and talk to the customer. Let's say he want to send you a PDF file. No problem. He send it to your regular email account, and it's being forwarded to your iPAQ. You now can access the PDF file through your email and PDF software that are installed on your iPAQ. If you need to see more data from the Internet maybe – again – no problem – you can use the browser on your iPAQ.
4.Calendar and reminder. Let's say you are out of your office all day. Your iPAQ calendar can be updated automatically with all your appointments while you are on the go.
5.You get all these capabilities for less that $500. This is a lower price than the competing machines and you get great value for the price.

Ok, so we've gone through the good stuff, let's look at a few disadvantages of this device, as were reported by actual users on websites such as

1.The device requires quite a few "soft resets" while operating. Now this is not so unusual, as many of us experience this with our PC's. To eliminate this problem as much as possible make sure you upgrade your ROM to the maximum possible. This will enable you to use all the PDA's abilities with lower chance of resets.
2.Sound of voice on the phone is a bit weak. But this can be addressed with the proper software that enhances the voice level.

Hopefully this review helped you make a better decision about your future iPAQ. The HP iPAQ H6315 PDA gives good value for money option, and is a worthy option in today's PDA market.