Why You Should Get A Cash Back Credit Card

by : Tom Tessin

Whether you have one credit card or you have a hundred, if you're not getting cash back on your credit card, you better start re-thinking on how you use your credit card. Credit cards offer an array of rewards. From gasoline rewards to airline travel rewards, they seem to offer them all. In my opinion though, the best reward around is cash back.

Picture a cash back credit card like getting a sale price or a rebate on everything you buy. Every time you purchase something, you get a certain percentage back, almost like a rebate when you send it in after a purchase. This is how a cash back credit card would work. Depending on the credit card company, you're going to get a rebate in either the form of a check or a statement credit. Depending on what you want, you're going to have to do the research to decide on which credit card will work for you.

Cash back credit cards have so many plus sides, I tend to believe they outweigh the negatives. The best form of a reward is cash seeing it can be used on everything and if you get five percent back, that's five cent on the dollar. Just imagine how fast this will add up over time. You're going to get all of these rewards just for making purchases.

When people try to think of negatives when it comes to credit cards that offer cash back, it's really hard to actually find them. Most of these cards offer a low APR rate, they usually offer an introductory zero percent offer, and are generally like most credit cards on the market, if not better because of the cash back status. So, if you're looking for a negative side to this, you're probably out of luck because a lot of people can't point things out.

Now I will point out that some cash back credit cards do offer a limit which you have to look out for. This limit will usually be stated in the terms and conditions. A limit means that you can only get so much cash back. Once again, this will all depend on the credit card company itself. I'll put the limit in an example. Let's say that a company only allows you to get five hundred dollars cash back per year. This is going to be the maximum amount you can get back. You'll still be able to use the card but it won't have any rewards. Your best bet is to find a card that has no limit on the cash you can get back.

When you finally find that perfect cash back card, you're going to be on the road to getting a ton of rewards. There's no better reward than cash itself. The next time you're looking for a reward credit card or you're looking for a credit card that fits your needs, I would highly recommend a cash back credit card.