Honeymoon for Free With Credit Card Travel Reward

by : Ann Wilson

Copyright (c) 2008 Ann Wilson

All newlywed couples want to celebrate this special time by going on a great honeymoon. However, such trips can be very expensive. If you plan to go on a romantic travel destination, there are some things you can do in advance to prepare for this special occasion. One ideal preparation for a honeymoon trip would be to acquire a travel reward credit card.

A travel rewards credit card isn't difficult to have. All you have to do is fill up a secure credit card rewards online application and wait for an approval. Getting an approval is easy especially if you have a good credit history. Once approved, you can start earning points to get a free travel.

Of course, travel reward credit cards require higher points than other reward credit cards because travel expenses are more expensive. Usually, travel reward credit cards require its card holder to make purchases from affiliate stores and establishments in order to get points. However, some credit cards also give a corresponding point from general purchases made using the card. These credit card points are converted into mileage points until the minimum amount is reached which earns you a free travel ticket.

Aside from earning mileage points, travel reward credit cards also provide other bonuses such as discounted rates on hotel accommodations, car rentals and other travel related expenses. Other perks include a free travel accident and car rental insurance, as well emergency card and cash replacement.

When looking for the right travel credit card, you will be confronted with a lot of choices. It is best if you take your time on reading each card's complete list of terms and conditions before signing up for one. Compare which travel credit card offers the best deals.

Don't forget to consider other fees associated with owning your credit card. For example, what is the APR? It would be best if you can find a travel credit card rewards which offers a 0% introductory APR either on your purchases or balance transfers or better yet, for both types of spending. When the introductory rate expires, see to it that the interest rates remain at a reasonable level.

Also, check out the annual fee for each travel rewards credit card you're considering. Some credit cards require an unreasonably high annual fee in order to continue earning mileage points. Remember that you have other choices so don't settle for that travel credit card if you think that the annual fee is too much.

Before submitting your online application for the rewards credit card you've chosen, read and study the complete agreement form and make sure that everything is clear and understandable.

Once you've acquired your credit card travel rewards, begin putting your wedding expenses on the credit card. Make sure that you can pay off your monthly balances in full at the end of the month. So while you are buying much needed items for your wedding, you are also earning credit card points towards your honeymoon. Thus, when the time comes that you'll be claiming your free travel reward, you may enjoy your honeymoon even more know how much you saved by using your travel reward points.