Troubleshooting Golf Cart Batteries

by : Christine Harrell

Perhaps it's because they're so fun that many people tend to categorize golf carts as toys instead of a true vehicle that needs maintenance and repair. Golf carts do require much less maintenance than our regular automobiles. In the case of golf cats, especially golf cart batteries, preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring that you get the most out of the money you invested in your golf cart.

Your golf cart battery many not need to be changedMost people don't realize that many golf cart batteries need constant maintenance. Many golf cart batteries require that water or acid be added to the battery on regular intervals. If your golf cart batteries are not sealed golf cart batteries, check the water levels and add distilled water or acid as needed.

Adding water to golf cart batteries:Unless you've got a maintenance-free sealed electric golf cart battery, you'll need to develop a routine to check the water level in your golf cart batteries at least once a month. If the water level gets too low and stays below the plates, your battery may be damaged to the point where if must be replaced. When adding water to golf cart batteries, use only pure distilled water and be careful not to over fill. Overfilling will cause the acid mixture to spill out which can eat away at the surrounding components.

Charging dead golf cart batteries:If the battery has gone completely dead, it will take several hours to fully charge the battery. It's important to fully charge golf cart batteries if you want to increase the lifespan of the battery. Sometimes the battery has lost its charge to the point that it won't even trigger an automatic charger. This doesn't necessarily mean that the battery is gone for good. Try a non-automatic charger and let the battery charge for about an hour then check to see if there is any voltage increase.

Choosing a maintenance free battery:If you don't have the time or desire to maintenance golf cart batteries, you'll probably want to choose a deep cycle, sealed golf cart battery. These golf cart batteries use AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and are virtually maintenance-free like a car battery. Another bonus to these golf cart batteries is the fact that they don't leak or corrode the terminals. eBatteries To Go offers charts to match your cart's length, width, height, and amp hour (AH) to the correct maintenance-free golf cart batteries.

The last thing anyone wants to worry about during a golf game is whether or not their golf cart will start. Caring for your golf cart batteries correctly or choosing a maintenance free battery will help extend the life of your battery and ensure that while on the course, the game will be the only thing you'll be focused on.