We Finally Got It, High Definition Television!

by : Jim Williams

It's about time... my parents finally bought an HDTV. All my friends have high definition television except for me until now. I would always go to my friend's house to watch my favorite shows or watch the game. High definition is just so much better than typical television.

Now I can sit in the comfort of my abode and watch what I want, when I want. My mom and dad have been watching the same TV for the past 10 years. I was just about through with the regular old pictures we had on it. I wanted the vivid, clear pictures on my friend's HDTV.

I must admit I was jealous of the TV. There is nothing like watching that type of image on a TV and then coming home to a boring, dull, and boring one. One day my parents told me at dinner they finally decided to enter the 21st century and buy an HDTV. I was so relieved.

We all went to the electronics store to look around. When my parents saw the prices of them, they were startled. Apparently, they never priced them before and always thought it would cost a ton of money. They even said they would have probably purchased one sooner if they knew they weren't so much money.

Why didn't I ever do the research for them? Oh well, the point is that they finally decided to buy one. I was ready to sit down and savor our new HDTV when it was delivered. I had my chips and Pepsi in a glass. I sat down and my mom and dad sat next to me.

I guess I won't be able to watch exactly what I want, when I want after all. In any case, we threw in License to Wed. The picture was amazing. It was so much better than going to the movie theater in our little town in Tennessee. We didn't have to worry about tickets or being bothered by the people who commented through the entire film.

I could now watch a great movie with a great image all because of our HDTV. It didn't stop there, since we have the high definition service from our cable company we are able to watch the high definition channels. We watch FOX, CNN, and UPN shows with this high quality picture.

In the near future we will have so many other station, which will have the same awesome picture. Next year all channels will have to send high definition signals only. Bring on the High definition...we are ready!