Gift Ideas for the Ipod Owner With Everything

by : Christine Peppler

Most of us know one: an audio addicted iPod owner. When thinking about gifts, the obvious choice for these people is something that will further enhance their listening pleasure. But where to start? There is such an abundance of accessories and products that broaden the iPod experience that it's hard to summarize the many gift options but a highlight of some of the more common products should be a useful guide.

Under $30

In the stocking stuffer category, lanyards and clips come in as possibilities to help attach an iPod to the body and keep it there. Cases, socks, skins, and jackets are also in this group and act to protect the iPod from dust, scratches, and other environmental hazards. They come in a wide variety of styles from see-through to fine Italian leather cases. Of course the higher quality leather cases can run up to $99. Car holders, adapters, chargers and even battery backups also fall in the under $30 category. Another popular option in this category is the iPod Sport Kit for the runners and walkers in ones family or circle of friends which enables an iPod to provide feedback during a workout and the ability to track performance over time: an excellent choice for those with fitness or weight loss goals.

From $30 to $50

If you move up in price to the $30 to $50 range there are remotes that allow users to operate the iPod when it is not attached to their body and even an Apple iPod Radio Remote which also enables the user to listen to FM radio via their iPod. Camera connectors are also available allowing the user to transfer images from their digital camera to an iPod with color display.

$50 and Up

Popular options that are over $50 include a variety of products that provide stereo speaker systems which an iPod can connect to allowing listening at home without the earphones. Several of these products offer excellent sound quality and are said to be reasonable replacements for home stereo systems. At the lower end of the spectrum is the iLuv which comes in around $89, the iHome clock radio which is priced around $99, the Banshee iPod surround sound speaker system and the Altec Lansing inMotion which are just over $100. Moving up in price there is also the iPod Hi-Fi which offers a compact multi-speaker set up that is quite portable and is priced around $349. The iPod HomeDock Entertainment Center is also available and allows the user to connect their iPod to a home stereo or TV to listen to music or watch video/slide shows on these devices.

Enjoying the music on an iPod in the car is also made easier with a number of car receiver products which have iPod adapters. Pioneer is one of the companies providing receivers with this feature.

Flexible Giving

Although not an "accessory" another great gift for an iPod owner would be the purchase of movies, games, or music for use on the device. There are many sites online offering such things but obviously the Apple iPod and iTunes site would be most notable; by purchasing a gift card the giver can select the price and the receiving party can select the music of their choice.

With such an enormous array of products on the market, it should be possible to find the perfect gift for any iPod owner after checking to be sure that the accessory selected is compatible with the specific iPod model in question.