Carnival - The Secret To Finding A Great Carnival Deal!

by : Dean Caporella

There is fierce competition among the various cruise lines around the world and this is not surprising considering the growth spurt in the number of people taking cruises today.As a first time cruiser, how do you select your destination and ship if the whole experience is new to you? One of the best options for people taking their first vacation on water is booking a holiday on a Carnival cruise fun ship. Carnival cruises lives up to it's tag as the fun ship and covers a variety of destinations including the Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii. Obviously, if you are after an intimate trip then perhaps one of the niche cruise lines may be a better choice for you.Carnival cruises range in length from 3-17 days but as a first timer, taking a shorter trip of four days is a great way to "get your feet wet."How To Find A Cheap Cruise DealThere are several ways to shop for a cheap cruise deal but the combination of online resources couple with travel agents is hard to beat. Shopping online will present you with plenty of options. You just need to decide where you want to travel for your vacation and then list the best deals.Once you've done this, make a list of travel agents within your location and then see whether they can better the prices listed online. Quite often they will just to get your business and this is certainly good news for you. If you find one playing hardball simply thank them for their time and move onto the next one.If you are flexible and can travel during the non peak times then you'll do even better. Getting a cheap cruise deal during the summer holiday months and school vacation periods can be tough.Carnival Cruise LinesAlternatively, either go to the Carnival cruise website or call them directly and get on the newsletter or mailing list. One of the great advantages with Carnival is once you've shown them some loyalty, then they reciprocate. For exampleBusiness Management Articles, previous travelers with Carnival will continue to travel with them to take advantage of the upgrade service they offer to past customers. This is a great way to experience even better value for you money.