A Quick Guide to Car Hire

by : chris rowlands

For many of you the average holiday will see you perhaps hiring a car to make the most out of your trip.

This can be done after arrival by seeking one of the many car hire companies situated within your holiday resort or pre-booked in the UK.

If you plan to hire your car in the resort you should be aware of a few well know extra charges you could fall foul of:

&bullFull fuel tank; many resort based car hire companies will ask that you return the car to them with a full tank. If the needle is just below the full mark they will sometimes try to charge you a penalty fee and can sometimes do so even when you have filled the tank.
&bullYou could find yourself being invoiced for repair costs for damage you did not make to the vehicle. To safeguard yourself against this possibility you should ask the car rentalscompany to make a note of any damage that is present on the vehicle when it is handed over to you (perhaps take pictures with a date and time stamp).
&bullYou will usually be offered extra insurance at the time of collecting the vehicle, this is another way car hire companies seek to make extra profit and is not always necessary. Here it is best to use your judgement to decide if the level of cover they offer is really worth it.

You will usually find it cost effective to pre-book your car hire in the UK - indeed there are now a selection of comparison sites that will provide a free search for car rental offering you a selection of providers to browse through.