Car Hire From Bastia

by : Fiona Hiliard

Bastia is one of Europe's best-kept secrets. Situated on the Cap Corse Peninsula, on the island of Corsica, the resort town is one of the most scenic places on the island. Visitors to Bastia will find that there are plenty of wonderful sights to be seen in the area. Many of the sights are within walking distance of the port. However, with car hire, you have the option of seeing all the sights outside of the harbour. There are plenty of wonderful sights to be seen which would otherwise prove to be a walk too far for most people. The following is a guide to the most magical sights in the area.

Bastia Mini Guide:

Bastia is located in the northeast of the island of Corsica, at the base of the Cap Corse Peninsula. Bastia is regarded as the commercial capital of Corsica and offers visitors a fascinating history and culture.

Things To See/Do in Bastia:

A walking tour is a good way to see what the city offers in terms of tourist attractions. The city boasts a number of beautiful baroque churches as well as the pretty Vieux Port. Una Volta, Bastia's cultural centre is worth a visit if you're looking to find out something about the city's history. Meanwhile, St Nicolas is a hive of activity and it's here you'll find all the shops, cafés and restaurants.

Bastia is an excellent base from which to explore the island of Corsica by hire car. The resort of Calvi makes for a nice drive. The village offers a range of top-notch seafood restaurants as well as the pretty quai Landry-perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

Bastia hosts a number of festivals and events during the calendar year including The Bastia Music Festival in October, Italian Film Festival in January and the annual Procession of the Black Christ on Good Friday.

Eating Out/Nightlife/Accommodation in Bastia:

Eating out in Corsica offers a treat for every budget. The majority of restaurants are to be found along Vieux Port. A Casarella is famed for its Corsican-French cuisine, while cheaper establishments are to be found on quai des Martyrs. Chez Mémé, at Nouveau Port offer excellent seafood at a low cost.

In terms of local fare, Bastia offers a range of low-cost tasty treats worth sampling.

Perhaps rather surprisingly, seafood takes second place to meat and dairy based dishes. Traditional Corsican specialities include Figatellu, a dish consisting of fried sausages, prisutu, a type of smoked ham, and goat's cheese pancakes called migliaccilou.

Bastia has a laid-back nightlife, with most of the after dark activity concentrated on cafés and bars along the port. Popular haunts include Le Penalty, a live music venue situated at place de l'Hôtel de Ville, while Pub Assunta on rue Fontaine Neuve blasts out livelier beats.

Bastia offers excellent choice in terms of accommodation-whatever your budget. Those willing to pay top dollar will find themselves in the lap of luxury at Hôtel Pietracap, while cheap, budget lodgings are to be found at The Hôtel Central.