High Limit Credit Cards

by : Kenneth Wade

There are many high limit credit cards available right now over the net. I recently applied for a Bank of America card and was given a $5,000 limit. I was then able to consolidate my other cards into that one which brought my credit score up several points. The balances that I transferred were on an introductory offer where I wasn't even required to pay interest until next year so I saved hundreds of dollars just by doing that transaction. Then since my credit score had gone up I applied, (online again) for a one click balance increase request and was given another $5,000 that I needed to pay business expenses. The increase was given without any hassle from bank accountants and I wasn't bothered with any other offers. So now my credit score is higher than it has ever been and I have put much more experience on my history that will help when it's time to apply for a larger loan.

I say all of this to show that online banking with high interest credit cards can be very rewarding if used responsibly. Many people see credit card offers and run away not realizing that they could probably pay off all their current cards in half the time by consolidating. I actually think the low limit cards with high interest rates cause consumers to get in more trouble because they don't have time to catch up before the entire balance is exhausted.

The Bank of America card isn't the only excellent offer available online though. There are many others. One of my other favorites is the Discover more card which started me off with a $4000 limit. This card also has excellent customer service in my opinion, on and offline.

Another one of my favorites is the American Express Star wood. Here are some of the features:

10,000 Star points bonus with first purchase enough for up to three free nights(1)Double Star points on stays at participating Star wood Hotels & Resorts and purchases at select Starwood retail outlets, such as Bliss Spa and more(2)Automatic upgrade to Gold Preferred Guest membership status by spending $30,000 on the Card in each calendar year. Access to private sales with select Starwood retail outlets.The new Business Card incorporates all of the improved benefits of the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, as well as programs and services tailored specifically to the needs of small business owners, including the OPEN Savings(SM) program which was designed specifically for small businesses and gives automatic discounts on purchases at OPEN Savings(3) partners, such as Delta, FedEx Kinko's and JetBlue. In addition, the Business Card provides expense management reporting, an online spend tracking system and spending limits on additional cards that aid in better managing employee spending.

So don't be scared to apply for a high limit card, just be responsible. One thing I always check is the annual fee. Most of the cards that will be of benefit to you do charge an annual fee. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. If the card has an annual fee and the interest rate is extremely low then it might actually be a better offer in disguise,but i would still read the fine print. You can check out some of the offers in the link below. I guarantee you'll save alot of money in the long run.

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