Credit Card Offers And Sub-prime Consumers

by : Simon Calloway

Yes, there's a huge crisis in the sub-prime mortgage market yet there's still room in the sub-prime credit offers market. The banks certainly don't want to completely ignore the sub-prime financing market so they are providing lines of credit via credit cards. For the most part banks are focusing on secured cards there are still unsecured lines of credit available to people with bad credit.

The Orchard Bank line of credit cards (provided through HSBC) in particular are still being offered to those with poor credit. The acceptance process has become more stringent however their application process will help you get the card that is right for you.

Orchard Bank uses a credit selector tool to ask questions and then through their technology will determine the right application for your current financial situation.

This is great news for consumer with bad credit because it helps to mitigate the risk taken by the bank when issuing you a credit card plus their unique system of pre-qualifying helps you, I will explain how this works now.

The first thing that will happen when you apply for an Orchard Bank credit card is a pre-qualifying form will be presented to you. Which you must answer honestly otherwise you will not qualify. They do verify your application information so avoid thinking that you will circumvent the bank process by using this application form.

After you complete the form a selection of credit cards that you can qualify for are presented to you so you will be certain you are applying for a card that will suit your needs and current financial situation.

Next you review the terms and conditions associated with the card then you hit apply.

The really cool feature is that you can have your card rushed to your door within 3 days of qualifying.

If you have lost hope in getting a credit card, the Orchard Bank card offers provide you with access to a MasterCard and in today's world of online shopping having a credit card in your wallet is a necessity.