Chase Credit Cards Available for Many Interests

by : Roland Jefferson

No matter what your financial needs or the benefits you are looking to get from your charge accounts, Chase credit cards have a variety of products to meet those needs. Different people have different credit needs and may want cards depicting their interest as well as a card for general purposes. Some are geared towards travel and some offering reward and rebates as well as student and business Chase credit cards.

Offering both Visa and MasterCard brands, Chase credit cards for general purpose include its flexible rewards card as well as the flexible rewards select Visa along with free cash rewards and freedom point and its Platinum MasterCard. None of the Chase credit cards come with an annual fee for US customers and many offer unique card designs.

Rebate cards under the Chase credit cards names include special rebates for select retailers such as BJ's Wholesale Club, AOL, Sony, Starbucks and many others. For most rebate card purchases you will receive rewards for using that name card at the retailer and lesser rewards when used at other retailers. For example, you earn one and a half percent reward for using your BJ's card at the wholesaler, and one percent for using it at other retailers. Most offers come with limitations, placing a limit on annual rewards.

Show Your Spirit With Sports Brand Cards

Chase credit cards can be obtained for many sports teams, offering special offers on merchandise and sports gear for that team as well as college teams. For example, the University of Kentucky offers one point for every dollar charged to your University of Kentucky card. You redeem your earnings, beginning at 1,000 points, in cash back in the form of a check, airline tickets and hotel rooms, merchandise and gift cards to major retailers.

Special interest cards can also earn rewards for you through Chase credit cards. If you use the ASPCA card for instance, you will earn a point for every dollar charged to the card. While the points can be used for merchandise, travel rewards and gift certificates, many people will use their rewards to receive cash back, in the form of a check, and make a donation to the ASPCA.

Regardless of what your credit needs or interests, you will find Chase credit cards to meet your needs. To learn more a bout all the cards, as well as current interest rates and qualifications, visit