How to Get Relief From Credit Card Debt

by : Manny Vetti

Using credit cards to purchase things you want is extremely tempting. However, if you're not disciplined about how to use it, you can get yourself in a world of financial trouble. Then you feel trapped because you have put items on your credit card that shouldn't be there. This article will look at some ways you can relieve yourself from credit card debt.

If you are looking to pay down your credit card debt, but not necessarily pay it off, you can contact the credit card company to ask for more time in paying down part of the debt. Usually they will oblige and even temporarily reduce the interest rate for your benefit. This way, you will have monthly payments that you can make comfortably until get to where you need to be.

Another way to implement credit card debt relief is to consolidate. With this, you would pay off the card with the lowest balance or highest interest. Then that money could be used toward payments on other credit cards, if applicable. Or, you can get a small loan to pay off the balance, which would be the quicker route. Depending on your financial situation, getting a loan may be something to think about. That's because even though you would have paid off the credit card debt, you'd still have the debt from the loan to pay off.

You can call your credit card company and try to negotiate a settlement with your credit card debt. Sometimes, if they really want to rid of the debt, they'll contact you first. You would pay a percentage of what you originally owed. The credit card company would finalize the amount and you would have to pay that by a certain date.

The most practical way to credit card relief is to pay them one by one. Find out which credit card has the highest interest percentage. Then, go to the next highest and so on. Keep doing that until you have either paid a significant amount down or paid them off.

Or, you can set aside an amount each month for each credit card and make monthly payments simultaneously until the debt is reduced or paid off. You should do whichever method is easiest for you. Depending on how many credit cards you have and your financial status, it can take approximately from one to six months until you get to where you need to be.

In the meantime, you need to work out a budget and stick with it. Write down all of the debts you owe. Also write down all of your expenses. If your expenses are more than what you get as income, there may be some areas where you'll have to let go temporarily.

You have to force yourself to be disciplined in not using the credit cards if you can't pay the bill. Don't make a habit of using them for so-called "emergencies". In fact, some people cut up the credit cards and placed them in the freezer. When you apply diligence and discipline, you will be relieved of credit card debt in no time.