Sony Clie Downloads Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Pocket PC

by : Ron Hel-Or

As more and more downloads are available to all PDA's, the downloads for the Sony Clie are not different from the rest. The Sony Clie may have fewer downloads than the more popular PDA brands such as the iPAQ, or the Palm One pocket pc. None the less, there is still a great verity for the Clie as well. Sony Clie downloads are available from a variety of sites, from Sony's own web site to general purpose software download sites. A recommended site to locate and download Sony Clie software would be IF you take a look there you will see all sorts of available software under 3 categories: shareware, freeware and commercial. Shareware means you can download for free, and usually have to upgrade for a cost to get the full version of the software. Freeware is completely free software and commercial means you have to pay in advance to get this software. Needless to say the really good software that gives great benefit is usually shareware or commercial. This is true to Sony Clie as well as any other PDA.

But before that, the first place to begin your search for Sony Clie downloads is the Sony web site. This is where software patches, updates and important notices will be posted. Any Clie owner should get into the habit of checking the download section of Sony's web site on a regular basis. Doing so will give you added protection for your personal data by keeping your operating system and other software up to date.

Another important download for the Clie or any other pocket pc are regular virus signature updates. It goes without saying that good strong protection from viruses and other malicious software is now a must for the pocket pc owner as well as the desktop or laptop owner. More and more hackers are targeting handheld computing devices like the clie, and it is important to be protected. Schedule your virus signature update to run at least once a week, daily would be better. Many Clie owners like to update their virus signatures when they sync their handheld to their home and office computer.

Of course downloads for the Sony pocket pc are not all business. There are a great many interactive games you can download into your pocket pc. Games are usually the first type of software written for a new computing platform, and the pocket pc is no exception. A quick web search will lead you to hundreds of games just waiting for you to download them.

Whether you choose downloads for business, pleasure or both, the amount of software available for the Clie and other models of pocket pc is simply staggering. No matter what your interest, you are bound to find something you like.