Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum plus MasterCard Review

by : Sam Donaldson

Bank of America claims that the Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum Plus Credit Card is now the most convenient credit card is also the most intelligent choice on their website. This is indeed a bold claim and one that I actually agree with. One can easily reach for the new Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card to gain cash back on every purchase that is made with the card. You can use the card for your day-to-day needs including shopping, groceries, gasoline, entertainment, as well as paying household bills and insurance payments. All of this adds up to cash back in your pocket.

Currently the Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card offers an introductory 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for cash advance checks and balance transfers through your first twelve billing cycles. This is subject to a 3% transaction fee, that can be no less than $10. Basically, for every $2,500 you spend in net retail purchases with your Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card, you'll earn $25.00. This comes out to be a full 1% cash back. Currently there is no limit to how much cash back you can earn with the card. Whenever it occurs that your new purchases total $2,500.00, all you have to do is call and $25.00 is added directly to your credit card account.

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card features convenient account access as well. Holders are entitled to their free online account management service. This offers complete access right at your fingertips to help persons save time and money while they manage their account. Also it is most easy and simple to pay your credit card bill online. At anytime you can view your account information online including checking out your balance, transaction activity, and payment due dates whenever you like. If you would like to consolidate your balances to your Bank of America Credit Card online that is easy to do as well. To top all that off you can also request credit line increases, order access checks, and more. The enrollment process is fast and simple.

Customer Service for the Bank of America Cash Rewards Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card is second to none. Cheerful and helpful representatives have always been there for myself when I have called concerning issues with my personal account and I have no complaints. I have never had to wait more than just a few minutes, and all of my concerns or questions have always been addressed or answered very quickly. This is most rare in this day and age of automationFree Web Content, where it seems it is next to impossible sometimes to get ahold of a real person.

At the time of the review of this credit card all information presented was accurate and up to date. Please be certain to get the latest terms and conditions for this offer from the application page of the card issuer before applying for this or any other credit card.