How To Choose A Prepaid Cell Phone

by : Shelly Walther

There are many important aspects to consider when contemplating becoming a prepaid cell phone user. You should ask yourself what your needs, concerns, and wants are, and although this may take some effort, your effort will be rewarded with a great prepaid cell phone handset and plan. It is important to have all of this information so that you can compare differences and figure out what will best suit you personally. Although some carriers may not want you to have access to all of this information due to competition, you can attain access and find the answers that you need in order to make the best decision for you.

Important things to take consideration of are the following:

* Cost. It is important to try and break down the pricing as much as possible. It is best if you can narrow it down to per minute charges. Do not forget to also include fees. There may be certain day usage fees, or you may be charged more for your first minute per day than for the rest of them.

* Cell Phone Handset. It is important to love your cell phone, or else you will not want to keep it with you and the plan is pointless. It is a common misconception that you cannot get a decent phone with prepaid plans, but due to the number of major carriers who are now offering prepaid there are many phone options. Make sure that the phone you purchase has all of the necessary features that you want and need.

* Technology Leveling. Prepaid cell phone plans now offer picture messaging, text messaging, video messaging, flip phones, color screens, and many other wonderful amenities. Make sure that you consider all of the charges associated with these added benefits. The different prices range, but they can all be broken down to per usage charges.

* Extra Cost. Remember to also factor in the cost per usage for things such as 411 calling, international charges, long distance, and roaming charges.

* Minute Expiration. Providers sometimes set expiration dates on the purchased minutes. Be sure to know and understand how their system works so that you do not purchase minutes that you will not get to use. Oftentimes providers require you to purchase a certain amount of minutes per month, but some offer longer periods of time.

Each one of these aspects is important when determining which prepaid cell phone provider you are going to choose. It is important also to remember that you can get a phone with all the feature and amenities that you seek, and typically for much less. Deals, sales, and discounts are prevalent in the market, and are often easily found on the internet or through other ads. Take the time to compare the different amenities and costs, and make the right decision the first time.