Accessories For Your MP3 Player

by : Eddie Lamb

If it's hard to choose an mp3 player these days, it's getting to be just as difficult to choose the accessories for it as well. First of all, we'll start with what kind of accessories that are available.

Speakers and Headphones

These are the accessories that count the most when talking about the listening experience of your music or audio books. Even if the original manufacturers might not supply quality or comfortable headphones with the player, there are many other companies that will offer you some of the best portable speakers, ear buds or headphones. These are specially created to offer you amazing audio quality and are worth the extra price.

Batteries and Chargers

Flash mp3 players (the models that work with an embedded memory chip) usually need AA or AAA size batteries. However, if you're using your mp3 for extensive period of times, you will need to change the batteries quite quickly. This might not be at all convenient to you and can also be costly in the long run. A quick fix is to use a charger and rechargeable batteries.

Most hard drive mp3 players (the models that hold the memory on a hard disk) have a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. These models need a special type of charger and cable to recharge, but they are usually included in the pack when you buy it.


Armbands are ideal if you want to use your mp3 player while walking, running or exercising. However, you need to choose the right armband for the exact model that you have.

Adapters and Cables

You need a cable or an adapter if you want to connect your mp3 player to your car, your PC or your stereo system from home. Most of the time, a USB cable will do the job.

Docking Stations

Besides the headphone jack, not all models of mp3 players have other needed output connections. In this case, you will need to separately buy special adapters and cables, or a special docking station for iPod, for example.

The docking station can also act as a charger for the battery, it has a remote control and sometimes even output connections for video.

However, a docking station is an extra expense, as very few manufacturers will offer a dock in the same package with the player.

Bags and Cases

You can use hard cases, plastic or leather cases and bags. The plastic cases are the most used, as hard cases are not always easy to use, and leather cases and bags are trendy, but they will not protect your mp3 player all the time.

Now you know what kind of accessories you can have for your favorite mp3 player. As with any product, it is wise to shop around because you can stumble on a great bargain. So ... happy shopping!