How do you Compare Different Cash Back Credit Cards?

by : Jon Francis

When you're looking for the best cash back credit card UK companies offer, it helps to know how to compare one with the other. Usually, when you're shopping for a credit card UK offer, you're looking at how to SAVE money on low interest rates and fees. In the case of cash back credit cards, though, the best credit card could be the one that earns money for you. Here's how to compare credit card features when you're looking for the best cash back credit card.

1.Take a look at how you use your credit card.Are you a cash spender who saves your credit card for the really important purchases that you can't afford to pay for out of pocket - or do you charge things as a matter of convenience because you don't care to carry cash? Either way, there's a credit card UK finance companies have on offer that suits your spending style. Knowing which it is will help when you compare credit card features and fees.

2.If you only charge the big things and carry a balance......then you'll want to compare credit card interest rates. The lower the APR on your UK credit card, the less you'll be paying in the long run for your purchases. Getting a little cash back can sweeten the deal a bit - though truthfully, if you carry a balance regularly, you may find that a different kind of credit card will carry a lower interest rate. Don't make the assumption though - if the difference in APR is small, the cash back may be enough to offset the difference and make a cash back credit card a good choice.

3.If you use your credit card for most purchases and pay it off each month......then compare credit card cash back amounts. APR isn't as important if you don't regularly carry a balance since you're not paying the interest anyway. Instead, compare the amount of cash back you'll get when you use your credit card at UK shops and opt for the one that will pay you back the most.

4.How do you want your money?Depending on the credit card UK card distributors pay the cash back dividend in different ways. Many keep a running total and allow you to request a cheque or gift card when you reach a certain amount. Others pay out with a cheque or gift card once or twice a year on a set schedule, and still others automatically credit the amount against your monthly balance, saving you the interest you'd pay on it. We can't tell you which is best for you - it's simply a matter of personal preference.

5.Compare credit card fees and rates.Don't forget to add any fees and rates charged by the credit card UK company into your comparisons. A card that offers .5% cash back and charges no membership fee could very likely be a better deal for you that offers 1% cash back but requires an annual membership fee.

Like any other type of credit card UK merchants are happy to honor cash back credit cards - but some cards will offer you special perks at particular merchants. If you regularly shop a particular merchant, then a card that gives you extra cash back there can make you a pretty bundle at the end of the year.

When you want to compare credit card features, check a user friendly comparison site, where you'll find all the best credit card UK distributors have on offer. Whether you're looking for a cash back credit card, a balance transfer credit card or any other type of credit card, you'll find one to suit you.