Make Money With Business Credit Cards

by : Allen Jesson

The amount of money you make, determines how good your credit score is but also remember that it is how well and how promptly you also pay your bills. Run into trouble or get behind with your payments and bad news sure does travel fast. Don't get on the wrong side of the credit card companies, they have some very nasty people who work in the back offices and their job is to get their money off you.

Don't mess with them. They are hardened to life and probably sleep very well. It is not their fault that you have overspent and cannot afford to repay them. It is much better not to get into that situation in the first place. How do you do that? Simple, do not over spend, do not use credit cards as 'credit' cards, just use them to supplement your income, always keeping your overall outstanding balance to less than one month's income.

That way you can pay off all outstanding balances before they earn any interest which effectively gives you an interest free loan. When you add all those lovely bonus points they give you for using their card, you are getting those bonuses for free. Big word of caution: Do not overspend, stay within your limits!!

Business Credit Cards Can Make You Money. Using small business credit cards can positively affect your company's bottom line, free up cash reserves, and generate solid income through interest and rewards. With the wide range of cards on the market, it is important for each business owner to examine the interest rates, types of rewards, and fine print of small business credit cards before making a final choice. I've have held American Express cards and have nothing but praise for the company.

Credit card rewards programs can be great. However, the best credit card reward deals are not for airline miles or merchandise. Those rewards programs often carry high annual fees that offset the rewards earned. The best bet when choosing a credit card is to choose one that offers 5% cash back. Use your card wisely and you'll find yourself with a little extra cash at year's end. No other credit cards offer that.

I don't recommend using credit cards, of course. However, I know that many people do have credit card debt. By either calling the credit card company to get a lower rate or by looking for a credit card with a lower interest rate, you can cut down on your debt.

Don't be too quick to open or apply for so many credit cards or loans at any given time. It can indicate to a lender that you are desperate and in dire need of a credit line. It also can result in multiple lenders pulling your credit report in a short period of time. These inquiries also affect your credit score.