Instant Approval Credit Card- Misconception

by : Joe Maldonado

The first step in getting a card, if you are in a hurry, it should be to apply online for instant approval credit card. It is this plain and simple. Internet came into being only about a decade back and in this extremely short period of time it has become an integral part of our daily life.

Starting from applying for credit cards to finding friends to shopping, Internet has become the most important facilitator in our life.

Let us go back in time by just more that a decade or so, or before the advent of Internet to be precise. Applying for a card those days was as time taking and cumbersome as any other process of that age.

For most people like us, getting a credit card involved replying to a credit card invitation along with completely filled up application form and relevant documents attached. And then, the wait through excruciatingly long waiting period before the credit company processed your application form, verified your credit record and other credentials and communicated to you their decision, consent or otherwise.

This entire process used to drag on for weeks, or even months before anyone finally received his or her cards. One of the slowest links in this entire chain was the speed, or lack of that, of a snail mail. Atypical to any snail mail, communication between the credit applicant and the card issuer company used to take days, or even weeks. In addition to being time consuming, this process was expensive as snail mail is never free of cost, unlike web-based communication.

With the advent of Internet, everything changed. Well, almost.

Apply online for instant approval credit card, and you are through more than half of the application process. Applying online reduces communication cost as well time involved, there by making life easier for you, the buyer, as well as the credit card companies, the seller.

However, there is a very commonly prevalent misconception that needs to be addressed to. Instant approval credit card does not mean you get a credit instantly. Instant approval credit card simply implies that the decision of giving approval to the applicant will be taken instantly.

The physical delivery of the card, however, will take a couple of days more.

Despite the fact that an approval credit card does not result into instant credit cards, these cards offer marked advantages as compared to tradition credit cards. A comparative evaluation of features of other similar credit cards, for example, is a tool that may differentiate a good credit card from a financial debt trap.

A preliminary search in common search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo will throw hundreds of credit card company sites that promises instant approval. As a mature customer, dear friend, it is your duty to filter out not so good offers from the best of the offers.

And this requires a bit of effort in terms of screening through the terms and conditions, especially the charges applicable and the credit period. So you can consider and apply online for an instant approval credit card anytime soon, for at least, urgent financial security situations that might arrive.