Your Guide to Hidden Cameras and Other Security Cameras

by : Chris Robertson

Hidden cameras have become very popular in recent years with business owners, law enforcement officers and parents. Business owners often use surveillance systems to keep an eye on employees or their store to protect the business from theft or abuse. Hidden cameras are used by the police to catch criminals in the act or to record arrests as they occur. Parents use nanny cams to make sure their children are being properly treated. If you're thinking of buying a hidden camera or other type of security camera, here's a quick guide below.

How Hidden Cameras Work

There are two types of hidden cameras - wireless and wired. Wireless hidden cameras use batteries and have the camera and transmitter concealed with no visible wire from the camera to the recording equipment. Wired cameras will have a physical wire running from a VCR or PC to the camera.

To determine if you need a wireless or wired hidden camera, consider the length of time you will need to record. Will the batteries hold up long enough? The location of the hidden camera is also important. Hidden cameras come in a variety of shapes, forms and themes. Choose a camera that goes well with the environment around so it will be unnoticeable. Some cameras feature wide-angle viewing, which comes in handy when you need to survey a large area. Also, the lighting of the area is important. Check the hidden camera's resolution before buying.

Types of Hidden Cameras and Security Cameras

There are many types of hidden cameras and security cameras for all situations. From dummy cameras to professional cameras, each one serves its own unique purpose. Here are some types of cameras and their benefits.

Nanny Cams

Protect your children throughout the day with a nanny cam. Even if you have a nanny you feel you can trust, it doesn't hurt to have a nanny cam for the safety of your children and home. Nanny cams are actually hidden cameras that come in many shapes and sizes. The camera might be embedded in children's items such as teddy bears, backpacks, baby wipe containers, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. These items can be placed in the child's room along with other toys. There are also nanny cams for other rooms of the home, including clocks, radios, table lamps, food containers, thermostats, pillows, picture frames, hair dryers, DVD players, etc. Every room can have a nanny cam if needed. Check with your local law enforcement before getting a nanny cam or hidden camera for your home to be sure there are no restrictions.

Surveillance Systems

If you need more than a few hidden cameras, consider a surveillance system. Surveillance systems enable you to observe multiple locations through one sophisticated system. With a channel DVR system, hidden cameras are set up in different areas and interconnected so you can survey all the areas through multiple channels. You can expand your surveillance system as your business or operation grows. There are also portable DVR surveillance systems and those that enable you to monitor the area from any location online.


Monitors are screens that show what is going on as it happens. Many public places have monitors set up to let people know they are being recorded. Some monitors are used by the owners or security guards to keep an eye on areas from behind the scenes.

Dummy Cameras

Dummy cameras are not hidden cameras or even real security cameras. They look like real security cameras and give an appearance that the area is being recorded. The thieves won't know if the camera is real or not. Dummy cameras are often used as a deterrent by many business owners.

Professional Cameras

Professional cameras are often used to survey large businesses or offices, inside or outside. They can be mounted on walls or ceiling brackets. Some are waterproof for outdoor surveillance. A variety of professional cameras are available for different situations.

Hidden cameras and security cameras are great for protecting your children, home, business or property. Use the guide above to find the hidden camera or security camera that's right for you.