Debt Consolidation Credit Card: A Credit Card That Sets You Free

by : Saurabh Jain

A debt consolidation credit card is designed for people who have several cards. These days, it is not surprising for an individual to have more than one card. When there are numerous cards in your purse, it is nice to be able to spend, but it becomes very difficult to grapple with your card debt. Who does not dream of a debt-free card? However, it is not impossible to make it happen through debt consolidation. No more waking up in the middle of the night, worrying.

How To Go About Credit card Debt Consolidation

There are many ways while considering debt consolidation credit cards and it is important to understand what it means. One way is to apply for a new loan and spend the money clearing off all the debt on your present cards. Another way is to transfer the balance off your cards. This means you apply for a new card.

Then you transfer all your balances from the cards you already have. It is compulsory to have an unsecured credit account here. You could also borrow money showing your property or your home as security, which you can then use to settle the debts on your credit cards.

Another method for debt consolidation is refinance. Here you consolidate your existing credit cards plus the mortgages you have. Then you get a new mortgage. By refinancing your mortgage you will generate some money to clear your outstanding debts.

Credit card Debt Consolidation And Its Advantages

Debt consolidation credit cards have some major advantages. Your interest rates reduce substantially and you get a reasonable time to repay your debts. Instead of struggling with many bills and remembering when to pay them, and worse still, defaulting and paying an interest, or being penalized for it, you will have only one bill to clear.

One card is always a great benefit because of low interest rates. This saves you money in the long run, money you can spend on clearing debts. The new account you create will have a lower rate of interest unlike when you total the interest outgo on your individual cards put together. This will bring down the cost of your debt.

If you have a good credit rating, you can even get a balance transfer at zero percent. Some card companies waive off your interest charges. The secured loans like mortgaging refinance carry a lower rate of interest. Money saved is money earned. This is made simpler by the fact that you have one bill to pay, further easing the process. Several credit cards make you worry about lots of monthly statements, different repayment dates and you have to stay abreast of when they are all due to avoid penalty.

Make sure that you get all the details of your debt consolidation credit card with all the options available to you. This will enable you choose the one that suits you best, and make the process easy.