Why Should You Bother With The Best Secured Credit Card Deal

by : Andy Lim

You can't stop noticing the number of advertisements for credit card offers these days. It can be enticing to sign up as they offer attractive rates and appealing incentives. So, why should you bother with a secured credit card deal?

In some cases, secured credit card may be useful. If the finance companies often reject your application, then you lose the prospect of getting one. Without credit report, you obviously find it almost impossible to secure a card. If the court declares you as an insolvent, what are your chances of getting one? As you can see, it boils down to your personal financial situation. Nevertheless, don't let it refrain from obtaining a credit card. You can opt for secured credit cards in such circumstances.

So, how does it work? The financial providers will require you to pledge your saving account with at least 500 dollars as collateral. Some of them may require higher deposits. Your credit limit depends on the sum of saving you have. This means that the card issuers will give a full credit line according to your account balance. Should you default your payment, you will lose your saving. Therefore, to obtain a credit card, you must have a saving account or a certificate of deposit with a minimum of 500 dollars. You will feel more comfortable having a credit card this way without worrying about over spending.

Usually the finance companies don't accept standard card application if you have bad credit. So the other option is to apply for secured credit cards. They assess your application only based on your savings and not your credit history.

Being a college student, you know that obtaining a credit card is challenging because you need to establish your credit. You can't get a regular one if you cannot present your credit history report. Therefore, most college students normally choose secured credit cards that demand no credit report.

Bankruptcy can prevent you from getting a normal card. The ideal way is to apply for a secured credit card. It is easier to obtain approval compared to other kinds of cards.

To determine the best deals, you check the offers from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover on the Internet. Doing online research can give you with valuable information about their offers. However, not all the offers are the same. So, you need to evaluate their offers first before you submit your application. Here is a potential list of items you should consider.

1. What are their interest rates?
2. Do they charge any extra fees such as an application fee?
3. Do they report to the three credit reporting bureaus about your application?

The best secured credit card should meet all your needs. Ideally, choose those that come with low interest rates and without application fees. Make sure that the card issuers report to the credit reporting bureaus. This will upgrade your credit score in the future provided you pay on time. This will further help you with your application for regular cards.

You need time and effort in diligently investigating and comparing different types of secured credit card deals. Whether you are a bankrupt, a student or a poor credit paymaster, secured credit cards are better choices even though you have a limit on how you spend your money. Best of all, you have a better money management because of the restriction.